Please send in your own work/offshore pictures with a bit of information about them.
Above or below surface, diving equipment etc:
See if we can get an interesting page of pic's THANKS.
Here are a few to start it off:-
Diver with HP waterjet,
cleaning conductor guides.
OTS Minibell System on TOM' MCPO1.
Plus a wet bell system.
Mike Godber, diving at Vobster Quay near Trowbridge UK testing a diving helmet and suit made by Submarine Systems Ltd. December 2004. It was more comfortable than I remember a KMB 17 was. Better weight distribution and dry as it was clamped to the suit though still with a neck dam so not a constant volume set up.
Diver grit blasting X node.
Picture courtesy of Offshoredivers.com (USA)
1977,A Roberts, welding a plate on an Esso tanker's rudder,Las Palmas dock, Grand Canary. The rig,surface supplied Heinke twin hose, note the lack of bale out and comms.Diver Welding. Kirby Superlight.
Picture courtesy of Offshoredivers.com (USA)
Lifting out the SBM. Danish sector North Sea
Divers have to do it all.Dive team standing on PLEM mat,
after lifting from sea bed.
This is the complete Markab team of '96
on Shell south...Photo courtesy A Roberts.
Stu Barlow and Paul 'Psycho' Herd.
'96...Photo courtesy A Roberts.
This is the DSV Markab 'A' team that worked on
Shell south in 93...Photo courtsey A Roberts.
Nigeria 81, "Off to work"
Swindel - modified for baleout
Photo courtesy A Roberts
OTS Minibell team North Sea,1986 CONOCO A.
End of contract cake.
1986 CONOCO A.
---Daves Birthday---
John Roat, Supervising Sat
on the Witch Queen Gulf of Mexico Oct.2002
John Roat, still hitting the water
as a working diver at 60.
Alan Liley,Marshall Hughes,Bob Loftus,Alan ?,
Graham Lupton,Colin Black,John Gratton and Lee Baxter.
DSV Sea Mussel Aug 1999
Lee Baxter & Bob Loftus
DSV Sea Mussel Aug 1999
GMMOS Giant team of 1991....
Front row dressed in left to right, Sean Thomas, John Downes.
Glen Syewart, Pete Vaughan Evans, Tommy Smith,
Paul Evans, Pete Dawes, Alain ? ?.
(picture courtesy of Paul Evans.)
From L-R Doug Mansbridge, Dave Thompson,Marshall Hughes and Ray ?
On deck of Kommander Therese - early summer (May 85).
Using wet bell for pipeline inspection.
Lou Loukoviac and Gary Hunt. Taylor diving & salvage Bahrain, offshore Qatar,EGPC, mid 1980's. Daniel Vale, on the stern of the "Ublureak" - a geophysical survey vessel that foundered in the Beaufort Sea, just 13 mo.'s out of drydock. She was raised over two summers & to my knowledge, never returned to service. The day of my first test dive of the new Gorski. My Trusty Savoie Demand that has served me well since 1978. So far so good with the Gorski, It isn't a pretty as my old Savoie but it sure breathes easy, is very comfortable to work in and solid as a rock....jcROAT.
L-R Standing
Peter Dobbs. Gordon Melling. Merrick Marshal. Hugh Ward
Dave Brennan. Phil Canton. Alan Longbottom. Mike Watson
L-R Front
Kevin Moth. Peter Grosch. Rod Rafter. Paul China.
Don Crook. Picture taken June 1969 while traing at HMS Safeguard, Rosyth, Scotland. This was just prior to me leaving the Royal Marines. This photo was taken on the Dynamic Installer in November of last year ( 04 ) off West Africa. The photo is of myself Bob Meikle on the right & Dave McCrawley. We both went to UTC Fort William in 76 ( CAD 9 ) to do our basic air course, Dave went straight to Comex where I went to Hydrospace / 2W then joined Dave in Comex leading to Stolt. The time this photo was taken we were working for Hydrodive.
Kevin Patience)on a waterstop in
Arzanah field, U.A.E. June 1978
Mike Elliot & Bob Meikle onboard the Dynamic Installer 2004Honestly, It just leaped into my hand before I left bottom!!
Bob Meikle - Dynamic Installer - West Africa - 2006
DGH-Bovisand is me(Dave Hutchinson)in the Swindell and Gerry Goodwin the tender. Training in February ’75 at Bovisand COMEX-75-Hewett is from left back – Steve Vince, Bill Fleming, Martin Bebbington, Bob Havilland, Dave Baldock, - Front from left – Dave Hutchinson, Graeme Pearce, Dave Bland, Martin White – Phillips Hewett FTP platform southern sector Nth Sea in autumn 1975 From left – John Pearson, Roly Hill, Graham Smith, Martin Westwood. Working for CUE in Amoco Leman and enjoying the sun between dives
Carpet-Laying was on Amoco 49.23AT in c.’76. Installing anti-scour carpets. The diver is holding two screw-in anchors for the ‘carpet’ This is the late Bill Carr on the left and Dave Hutchinson on the right. Sedco-Phillips SS c.1981PSS Bell External-1. – shows the Sedco Phillips SS bell c.1978 – with American diver Burl Hanssen
Comex installation on board B.P.’s Sea Quest 1974.
I was one of the team. Richie Bufton
Where are they now? CAD 21 - Prodive 1980.Kommander Therese-1982-OTS. Working close to Gorm Charlie.
Kommander Therese-1982-OTSBruce Spargo- left Pete Collett - right Cant remember the
platform but some where off Tarragona Spain - About 1983
Picture of the second (I think ) Comex mixed Gas course, taken at Point Rouge in Marseille about June 1970,or 71.Regards Charlie Hooghkirk
Svitzer Ebsjerg 1984 Old BE5. Charlie HooghkirkRichard Bottomley. standy diver. Fort WilliamDick Mason welder/diver Subsea Brunei around 1986 wet sticking annodes. ROV crept up on me!Year later ended a great time with a CNS hit same field.
Mick mason welder, Mad Mick ....cant recall? ex marine full Mary Maddona tattoo on his back, Bobby Brown surface tech. Java Sea around '82. Sub Ocean Services.March 1991 Murmansk. My air course. We got there pretty much fun.
Eldar Aghamaliyev .Victor Rassiy .Volodia, Naumov and other lads
John Close.Alliance, some where in the North Sea> getting ready ,
to go to work!!(top)Me and Simon Callaghan.(Btm)Me and Lofty.
STRONGWORK DIVING - Zuluf Oilfield, Arabian Gulf, 1973
Gerry Barlow
Oceaneering dive team on the Smit Orca
about 1988 Shell Contract Southern North Sea.L to R,John Pearson,??Stevie Lea -dressed in, Mick Groden, Chris Jones & Jack Hollins
Bell in Baddesley yard with Peter Collins, Fitter
STRONGWORK DIVING - Zuluf Oilfield, Arabian Gulf, 1973
Beckman Helmet

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